Gold sponsor D MAVT Cares


For this year’s focus project series students had the possibility to benefit for the first time from the D-MAVT CARES Initiative. D-MAVT Cares is a fund of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zürich. It receives funding via the department internal carbon price. Per ton COemitted due to air travel of employees a certain fee is paid into the fund. This money is then used to financially support Focus Projects that pursue one or more of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. Proposals for focus projects are handed in by students and go through a competitive selection. Rowesys is the very first Focus Project receiving funding from the D-MAVT CARES initiative. The fact that we contribute with our solution towards a more sustainable and herbicide-free agriculture is what drives each team member. Namely, we are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals #6 Clean Water, #2 Zero Hunger and #12 Responsible Production.

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