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about us

We take weed control seriously.

Our team consists of six mechanical engineers, two electrical engineers, two industrial designers and is supported by a group of amazing coaches at ETH Zurich! Each member contributes their unique expertise and know-how to the project.
Rowesys receives further help by a number of sponsors.

Our Motivation

Farmers rely on the use of herbicides as a time-efficient and economic solution to fight weeds. However, herbicide usage has emerged to become an environmental problem worldwide. In Switzerland, measurements have shown contaminated ground water in almost all regions with agriculture.

We are driven to find a sustainable solution to this problem and organic farming is the way to go. Presently, this approach requires a large amount of work which results in high consumer prices leading to less demand for organic products. Our vision is to promote organic farming by creating an herbicide-free and economically-feasible solution. Hence, making farming more sustainable.

"We believe in a future without pesticides, we believe in our farmers and our opportunitiy to help."

Working on robot

our Project

Our project has gotten results, fast.

In nine months we have developed a functioning prototype that drives autonomously through the fields, differentiates between crops and weeds and removes the weed mechanically. Based on a common vision we designed an entire robot that we presented for the first time in June 2020. 

There are still a lot of things to improve but we have built a strong basis. We will continue our work and help shape the future of tomorrow.

Check out our project in greater detail!

Rowesys team

meet The Students


Gian Erni

Project Manager
Software / Controls Team


Pascal Lieberherr

Project Manager
System Design and Controls Team


Manuel Knecht

CAD Superuser
System Design Team


Anna Bossard

Software / Controls Team


Andrea Cavelti

Electrical Lead
Electrical Engineering Team



Software Lead
Electrical Engineering Team


Markus Wagner

Finances, Manufacturing and Logistics
System Design Team


Nico Burger

Software / Controls Team



Social Media, Rendering
Industrial Design Team



Website, CAD, Videos
Industrial Design Team


The work of ETH Zurich, the University of applied sciences and arts Northwestern Switzerland and the BBZ Biel were combined in this project.

our heros

The help We Have received

This project would not have been possible without the know-how and great support from our professors and coaches

Prof. Dr. Marco Hutter | Professor and Lead at RSL

Eris Dhionis Sako | Coach

Malin Siegwart | Coach

Giorgio Valsecchi | Coach

Giuseppe Rizzi | Coach

Lennart Nachtigall | Coach

Lukas Schaupp | Coach

Konrad Meyer | Infrastructure

Maria Trodella | Administration


Prof. Dr. Achim Walter

Dr. Simone Nanzer

Hansueli Zellweger

Dr. Andreas Hund

Brigitta Herzog


Prof. Werner Baumhakl

Dr. Meret Ernst

Dr. Ralf Trachte

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