Our Sponsors

Our sponsors

Without the help of our sponsors this would not have been possible

We have received a lot of know-how, materials, financial support and special access thanks to all the sponsors that were willing to work together with us on our project. We are immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to work together with all of them.

Rowesys Uni ETH Zurich


To make our vision of an herbicide-free agriculture a reality, we continue developing our robot.

We are very thankful that we get support from industry in this second phase of the project.

Gold Sponsors

Take a look at how Panasonic Industry Europe is supporting our project:

Component Sponsors

Take a look at the IDS case study about Rowesys:

Focus Project Sponsors

During our focus-project we got generous support from many sponsors. This made it possible to develop our prototype Rosie.

Main sponsor
Gold sponsors
Silver sponsors
Bronze sponsors
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