The Process



During this semester, the focus of the project shifted from hardware to software. Fortunately, software can be developed at home and we are making great progress.
One of the most important parts is the software that makes the robot drive. This task was divided into two parts. On the one hand, the so called low-level software is responsible for ensuring that each single motor is working properly and achieves the commands given by the high-level software. The high-level software has to coordinate all steering and driving motors in a way such that the robot drives exactly on the path that is given to it. To be most efficient, we worked on both parts in parallel. While the low-level part had to be tested directly on the robot hardware, the high-level software could be tested in a simulated environment that we built. Once both parts were working on their own properly, the crucial step was to implement the high-level part into the low-level part of the software. This exciting step happened last week: we were able to drive our robot with a joystick for the first time last Thursday! The whole team was very happy that we could achieve this milestone.

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